10 Most Common Parrots in Australia

There is hardly anywhere you can go in Australia without coming across wild parrots.

Even the most inhospitable desert areas which make up most of the country are home to parrots – but they will usually be much more difficult to see than those which live around the coastal perimeter of the country.

Most Australian residents will enjoy everyday life with the sights and sounds of wild parrots doing their thing in the surrounding environment.

And if you’re travelling to Australia you won’t find it difficult to see some of the most common parrots on this island continent – the land of parrots.

In no particular order here are the 10 most common and easy to see wild parrots in Australia:

1. Sulphur-crested Cockatoo

Wild Sulphur-crested cockatoos preening each other in Australia

2. Rainbow Lorikeet

Rainbow lorikeet one of the most common parrots in Australia

3. Galah

Wild Galahs in Australia

4. Little Corella

Little Corellas in a tree in Australia
With flocks numbering in the thousands in some parts of Australia, the Little Corella is possibly the most numerous cockatoo on the continent.

5. Long-billed Corella

Long-billed Corella cockatoo in the wild in Australia

6. Eastern Rosella

An Eastern Rosella in the wild in Australia

7. Musk Lorikeet

8. Australian King-Parrot

A Male Australian King Parrot in the wild in Australia

9. Australian Ringneck

Wild Australian Ringneck parrot

10. Red-rumped Parrot

A male Red-rumped Parrot in the wild in Australia