5 Best Heavy Duty Caitec Wood Toys for Big Parrots (Cockatoos, Macaws)

Having a toy last more than a day is an achievment if you have powerful beaked birds like Macaws, and especially Cockatoos.

While there’s no guarantee these toys will last a long time (it totally depends how obesessed your bird goes at it and how many other things they have to do – ideally: plenty!).

But getting the toughest toys you can find is a given if you want them to be around in some shape or form for as long as possible. Parrot toys are made to be destroyed, however these ones have been chosen specifically for those larger beaks – but in any case, most medium and small parrots will still get a real kick out of any of these!

Caitec make some durable wood based hanging bird toys that are suited for virtually any bird.

Check out some of the best ones below:

Toy Size Price Buy Online
Caitec Giant Bamboo Log
Caitec Building Blocks
Caitec Spinning Chew
Caitec Munch Cascade
Caitec Lots to Do

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