What’s the difference between a Galah and a Cockatoo?

Wild Galahs in Australia

There is no difference between a Galah and a cockatoo.

A Galah IS a type of cockatoo.

But the Galah is a unique cockatoo because it is the only species in its genus Eolophus.

This means taxonomists have decided that the Galah is different enough (often determined through DNA) to be in its very own grouping of cockatoos.

There are more than 40 species of cockatoos in the world. The Galah is one of them.

This means there are differences between Galahs and other species of cockatoos.

Close up portrait of a male Galah in the wild
Close up portrait of a male Galah

But it is still a cockatoo.

Galahs are certainly physically unique when it comes to cockatoos – they are a rosy pink color on the front, part of the head, and under their wings.

The only other cockatoo in the wild with any pink coloring is the equally beautiful Major Mitchell’s Cockatoo – often simply also called the Pink Cockatoo.

That species is lighter pink and has the most elaborate crest in the parrot world. Galahs are found along much of coastal Australia, but the Major Mitchell Cockatoo is a bird of inland and desert areas of the continent (where the Galah is also found.

The Galah is one of the most common wild parrots in Australia.