The Daily Routine of Wild Parrots

What do parrots do all day?

Do they do the same thing every single day?

Of course they don’t. Wild parrots live complex lives, and their lifestyle differs depending on the species and location they live. Other factors like season, climate, and daily weather conditions will also influence their routine and behaviors each day.

But we can say that parrots in the wild do develop a routine of sorts. Different times of year will have this “routine” change in some ways. During the nesting season, the daily life of breeding parrots will be different to when they’re outside the nesting season.

Feeding is the central point of the day and most activity will be revolving around what to eat, where to find food, and how much food they need.

At its most basic, the daily routine of wild parrots (in a very generalised sense) could look like this:

  • Wake at first light at their night roost site
  • Take flight with the flock or partner/family group to the day’s first feeding location
  • Spend the early morning feeding
  • Fly around, if the weather is warm the hottest hours in the middle of the day are spent conserving energy and staying cool in trees
  • More flying in the afternoon, visiting feeding locations and consuming their desired foods
  • At dusk, flying to their chosen night roost to settle in for the night