Best Parrot for Apartment Living? Best Beginners Parrot? Best Parrot for Children?

blue budgie

We’ve noted that people regularly search for “best parrot as a pet”, “best parrot for a beginner”, “best parrot for children”, and “best parrot for living in an apartment” – these are really concerning.


No parrot should be kept in an apartment. Parrots are wild animals (in other words, they are not domesticated. Note that tame does not mean domesticated. Dogs are domesticated, so are cats. Parrots and birds are not domestic animals).

It’s unhealthy, unnatural and cruel for a parrot to be cooped up indoors in apartment. If you live in an apartment: don’t get a parrot. It’s that simple.

Parrots are also loud. Would your apartment neighbors appreciate the noise of a bird? I think not.

First and foremost: any parrot will suffer being trapped indoors all day. If you live in an apartment or other place where a bird is unable to 1. receive direct sunlight, and 2. have lots of safe space to fly around – then forget getting a parrot.

If you desperately want a pet and you live in an apartment or other confined space, consider pet rats or a cat who are both perfectly capable of living happy, healthy indoor lives.

As for “parrots for beginners” – parrots are highly intelligent animals with long lifespans. Even the smallest birds like Budgies require considerable time and attention, as well as resources, if you’re to meet their needs. There’s no such thing as a “beginner parrot” and certainly no such thing as a “good parrot for children”. Please consider another pet, of the domestic type, such as a cat or dog.

There’s far too much suffering of parrots in captivity, and these exceptionally intelligent animals should only be acquired by people who have the time (LOTS), space (LOTS), resources (MANY) and commitment (HUGE) to provide a satisfactory life for a parrot. Everyone else? Adopt a dog or cat.

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