Are Rainbow Lorikeets Endangered?

rainbow lorikeet in a bottlebrush tree

Rainbow Lorikeets are not an endangered species.

Rainbow Lorikeets would be considered the least endangered of all native Australian parrots.

This is because Rainbow Lorikeets are widespread and found in large numbers throughout their range in eastern Australia.

In some places you can see flocks or hundreds of Rainbow Lorikeets, or even thousands. Rainbow Lorikeets feed on flowering trees and shrubs, and with so many Australians filling their gardens with the types of plants that often flower all year and contain a lot of nectar, it has allowed Rainbow Lorikeets to thrive.

Rainbow Lorikeets are also quite aggressive when it comes to finding and using nesting hollows in trees. This makes it more likely that a Rainbow Lorikeet pair will be able to use a hollow and reproduce, rather than other species.

Obviously the more nesting success that Rainbow Lorikeets pairs have, the faster and higher their numbers will grow.

Rainbow Lorikeets are the most common lorikeet species in Australia.

Other species like Scaly-breasted Lorikeets and Musk Lorikeets can also be seen regularly, but their populations are considered smaller than Rainbow Lorikeets.

The most endangered lorikeet species in Australia is the Little Lorikeet. This is a much smaller, and much quieter lorikeet than the Rainbow Lorikeet and they can be more difficult to spot high up in eucalyptus trees.