African Grey Parrot Diet in the Wild

Grey Parrots are flock birds that forage for food together in the wild.

Their wild diet throughout equatorial Africa is mostly made up of:

Fruit & berries

Oil palm fruit is considered a large and critical aspect of the African Grey diet in the wild. The African oil palm Elaeis guineensis grows between Angola and the Gambia within the Grey Parrot range.

Bombax, Ficus, Macaranga, and Raphia are other genus that they feed on

Supplemnentary food items can include:

Insects and other invertebrates
Clay and soil from the ground

African Grey Parrot FAQ

How long do African Grey Parrots live?

Nobody really knows how long a Grey Parrot will live on average in the wild, but it is thought to be around 20 years. However, the species faces many perils and this means their chance of living to their maximum possible lifespan in the wild is sadly quite low. In captivity, Grey Parrots are known to live beyond 40 years of age when provided with the high quality of life when it comes to their environment, diet and social needs being met.

Are African Grey parrots endangered?

African Grey Parrots are listed as Endangered with the IUCN. Widespread illegal poaching and habitat loss has caused the tragic decline of this magnificent species of parrot in their wild range. It is heartening that conservation and rescue groups continue to fight against cruel poaching - which occurs due to the human demand for these wild animals as pets where they do not belong. However it is an uphill battle and the decline of wild populations African Grey Parrots continues today. In some parts of their range, numbers have reduced by a disastrous 99% of the original population.

Are African Grey Parrots good pets?

Like all parrots, African Greys should be considered as wild animals. They are not a domesticated species like dogs and cats are. This means they are not naturally inclined to live within the confines of our human lives. While people with the time, knowledge, passion, determination, space and resources can provide an excellent quality of life for African Grey parrots as a pet, it is a decision that should never be taken lightly. Always consider the welfare of an African Grey parrot before deciding if you are capable and willing to provide the very best care it will require for many decades.

Where do African Grey Parrots come from?

African Greys are native only to the African continent. Specifically their range is small band across central Africa that covers the countries of: Angola, Cameroon, the Congo, Gabon, Ivory Coast, Ghana, Kenya, and Uganda.